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This blog follows me and my husband as we spend a year traveling around Europe and Asia! And then some more time as we figure out what we’re doing next.

Use the tags on the right/bottom of this page to pick the city you’d like to read about – from Florence to Kampot. Or, read by topic: for example, ‘gluttony‘ covers what we’re eating around the world, while ‘story‘ is the unique incidents we experience. Also on the right/bottom are links to get our posts via email or to follow our adventures on Twitter!

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3 thoughts on “Start Here!

  1. Loving the posts! Would be great to hear about the kind of places you’re inhabiting! Also, can I subscribe to the blog so I get notifications when you add something new? Looks like the adventure is going swimmingly so far!

    • Thanks! So far we’ve stayed with some great hosts on AirBnB, but we check out tomorrow… We’ll definitely keep lodging in mind for future posts.

      I’ll try to get some share and subscribe links up before too long, but until then you can subscribe via RSS at, if you use an RSS reader.

    • We set up email subscriptions a couple months ago! Check out the form in the top right of this page, the home page, or any of our posts!

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