Poland for Our Honeymoon: Reply to D

Hey D, Haha, I’m great, just taking some time away from Tokyo sightseeing to reply to your class’s letters! How’s it going on your end? My wife (N, who writes most of the blog posts) and I loved Poland! We were there in the summer, and the weather was very nice. N is from Russia, so…

Krakow Bar

What We Ate in Kraków

Bar Targowy: This was a ‘milk bar.’ We trekked to it, out in a decidedly non-touristy part of town; the moment we walked in, eyes were on us. I imagine they were wondering who in their right mind would make a trip to see something that would be reminiscent of a US high school cafeteria. I ordered surówki (pickled cabbage) and…

Krakow Sculpture

What We Saw in Kraków

We spent two days in Kraków. Stained Glass Museum: The name is a bit misleading: this is actually a tour of a workshop where stained glass windows are produced. It’s a great look at the process of making them: from colored glass characteristics and cutting with diamond tools to lead joiners between glass pieces and paint layered atop glass. It…

Krakow Sunburn


Today, we took a 3-hour walking tour of Kraków, plus a few hours of strolling on either end. The result is this magnificently-uneven souvenir. B has a much more even version that exactly follows his t-shirt line. Thanks Poland!