What We Ate in Dublin

  • Fade St. Social: Favorite [N] / Decent [B]. We went to their tapas bar (not the main restaurant), which was perfect for trying lots of things. This is a foodie place. We tried the seasonal cabbage in sauce, roasted potatoes, beef carpaccio, goat cheese logs, chocolate/hazelnut mousse, and Neapolitan sandwich. And if you weren’t already hungry before reading that, you’re welcome.
  • Gallagher’s Boxty House: Decent [N] / Favorite [B].  Boxty bread isn’t my thing, but the waiter (Mike) alone was worth going for. (This place was actually my favorite. They had some of the best sausage I’ve ever had! -B)
  • U Cafe: Liked it. Peaceful neighborhood coffee shop, where regulars can just pay the next day, and the counter guy waves to people he knows out the window.
  • Queen of Tarts: Liked it. N ate a chocolate tart, without the tart part,  as her lunch. That is all you need to know.
  • Chorus Cafe: Decent. Food was average, but the owners were nice. So named because it’s near the place Handel’s Messiah was first played.
  • Andersons Creperie: Decent. The crepes were a bit thick for N’s taste, but it was good quality and service, and we even got to sit outside.
  • Independent Pizza Company: Meh. Went here on our hosts’ recommendation, only to discover that this is a place trying to be a neighborhood pizza shop in NYC. It doesn’t compare, but if you miss home, not a bad way to go.
  • Roxy’s Cafe: Meh. Went here because we were about ready to eat our own arms. Maybe we’d be more positive if instead of a chicken caesar wrap and chicken club sandwich we had gotten cupcakes.

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One thought on “What We Ate in Dublin

  1. Fade sounds like my kind of place. I would order everything that you’ve listed. I can see which one of you is more of a foodie 😉

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