What We Saw in Malmö

We spent one day in Malmö.

  • Folkets Park: This is a very cool park – at least, in the summertime. They have concerts and comedy and more as part of something they call ‘Super Duper Summer.’ (Which, by the way, is somewhat strange to see next to a legion of posters with no English on them whatsoever.) Cotton CandyBut, the park itself also boasts a bouncy non-castle for kids to jump on, a ‘Bumperz’ game in which bubble-wrapped children run into each other, a fake Taj Mahal structure, many statues and colorful art pieces or sculptures, and lots of food stands. B wanted cotton candy, which is ‘Sockervadd’ in Swedish In other words, ‘sugar wad!” Quite an apt description. I would live here all summer!
  • The Buses: We had a 24-hour pass on the bus system, so we pretty much just rode around on random lines! It’s like a ‘Hop On, Hop Off’ bus without the annoying announcer, I told B. As we drove around, we saw random crustacean sculptures on buildings, fun cafes (e.g. ‘Redfellas:  The Fresh Food Mafia’), and more.
  • Limhamn: This was one of our random bus rides, because it looked like it was on the water. LimhamnIt turned out to be a cute town, next to a marina with hundreds of house-sized boats. There were some kids playing along the water: two boys doing tricks on scooters, and two boys daring themselves to jump off the little platform into the cold water. We watched them for a while, and we didn’t need a word of Swedish to understand how they were psyching themselves up, and jumping in, only to flop back onto the platform like beached whales.
  • Malmö Chocolate Factory: Factory tours were over by the time we arrived, which is okay, since I know all about conching. This is the only organic, free trade chocolate factory in Sweden, though the important thing is that their chocolate was good. I got a hazelnut milk chocolate, a honey-cinnamon milk chocolate, a praline dark chocolate that I gave to B, and chili-chocolate-covered cashews that I stole from B. They also have beer tastings downstairs, but much of the appeal waned when we saw they offered a Haight-Ashbury beer.
  • Möllevångstorget (Market): This was a nice enough market, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Not worth a trip unless you plan to cook, but very nice in the sun.
  • Turning Torso SkyscraperIt’s a skyscraper, and it doesn’t actually turn. Maybe I would have been more impressed if we had gone inside. Alas.

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