What We Saw in Bergamo

We spent one day in Bergamo.

  • Funicular: Charming, but nothing earth-shattering if you’ve been on other funiculars (tram/cable car that goes uphill, basically).
  • Piazza Vecchia: We Bergamo Churchsaw the Contarini fountain, saw the outside of the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, saw the inside of the Cappella Colleoni, and sat in the square. There was actually another church not far from here, which I liked more. What made me appreciate it was its level of detail: it felt like someone had planned every inch of the interior with so much focus and caring. The layout of each element and each brush stroke was a giant artwork.

What We Skipped:

  • Campanone: This is supposed to be an elevator made entirely of glass, but the view from the Città Alta was pretty good for us – and more nature-filled. The view from our lodging wasn’t too bad either.
  • Archeologico Museum: Skipped because we were only here for one day.
  • The Rocca Museum: Did I mention that we were only here for one day?
  • Accademia Carrara: Ditto.
  • Museo and Theatre Donizettiano: This museum is dedicated to the famous (admission: not to me) composer, and it sounded pretty cool. But, the one day thing limited our time.
  • GAMeC: This is a modern and contemporary art gallery, which I would never prioritize in an old town.
  • Botanical Garden: We intended to go here, but my feet refused to cooperate with my new-ish shoes, so alas, we did not.

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