Where We Stayed in Dubrovnik

Neighborhood: Lapad

Also called: N/A, as far as I’m aware

Pros:A Lapad Beach

  • Fewer tourists than the Old Town, so you don’t feel like a crammed-in sardine
  • Lots of places to eat, at almost all hours
  • Direct access to the ‘beach’ (think pebbles, not sand): it’s harder to get to from Old Town
  • Not far from Town: about a 15-minute bus ride, every 10-15 minutes or so


  • Getting thereĀ from either the airport or the bus station requires a bus transfer (that’s two buses total)

Should You Stay There?

If your goal is to enjoy the water – whether from the beach or a boat, this is a good option. If you just want to see the historic city, it’s still not bad, but only if you have some time and don’t mind switching buses.

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