Signs Around the World

I’ve noticed fun, unusual, and alarming signs during our travels. Here are some of them:

Toilet Sign

Watch out for Peeping Toms in Venice, Italy

Budapest Metro

Your tree saplings are safe on the Budapest metro

Turin Street Sign

Instructions for bicyclists in Turin, Italy

Bus Stand Sign

This is a London bus stand, but buses don’t pick up passengers here

Old Hot Dog Sign

There are no new hot dogs in Seoul

Venetian Pasta Souvenirs

Think of historical erections when eating this pasta from Venice, Italy

Bangkok Airport Sign

No fierce animals allowed at the Bangkok airport

Broken English Sign

The best kind of English is spoken in Kampot, Cambodia

Koh Phi Phi Sign

Fish-kissing is common enough in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand to merit this sign

Singapore Crime Alert

What could have happened on this spot in Singapore that would be considered an ‘outrage of modesty?’


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