A Different Class of Gluttony

On a recommendation, we went out for a ridiculously-fancy dinner with my cousin (L) and her boyfriend (E) while in Budapest. It was at Costes, a restaurant with a Michelin star, and they pulled out all the stops. It was the second-most-expensive meal of our relationship (that we paid for), and I left feeling like I would next need to eat in 2015. (Sadly, that feeling passed.) It was a four-course dinner, plus three ‘surprises’ and wine pairings for the guys. And on to the food pr0n:

Surprise #1

Costes Flavored Butters

Flavored Butters: Regular (off-white), Paprika (dark orange), Pesto (green), Olives (brown), Duck fat (light orange)

Surprise #2

Amuse-bouches: (Forgot to take photos!)

  • Cone of salmon tartare
  • Macaroons with campari filling
  • Can’t remember!
  • Can’t remember!

Course #1

(Forgot to take photos!)

  • Ravioli with ricotta and spinach filling (L and B)
  • Foie gras with watermelon (E)
  • Perch with pumpkin, squash, and sage (me)


Course #2

Costes John Dory Fish

John Dory ceviche with kohlrabi and tapioca (L)

Costes Sea Bass

Sea bass with artichokes, potato gnocchi, and Italian lard (E and B)

Costes Veal

Veal with carrots, ginger, and gem lettuce (me)

Course #3

Costes Lamb

Lamb with zucchini, goat cheese, and lamb tortellini (L and B)

Costes Cheese Plate

Cheeses with jams: fig, chestnut, sherry, grape(me)

Costes Pigeon

Pigeon prepared two ways: with beets and with coffee (E)


Costes Cheesecake

Cheesecake with lemon verbena, made to look like a peach (L and me)

Costes Chocolates

Selection of chocolates (B)

Costes Custard

Passionfruit custard with lemon cream, fondant, and pineapple sorbet (E)

Surprise #3

Costes Petits Fours

“Petits Fours:” aloe vera juice, chocolate biscuits, pistachio fudge


  • Mine were the pumpkin things in course #1 and the fig jam in course #3. There wasn’t anything I disliked, except maybe the macaroon with campari, but only because I don’t like campari.
  • B refuses to pick favorites: he liked the balance of it all, he says. He thought the wine pairings were great too.

Definitely an excellent experience, if you’re up for saying goodbye to a paycheck or two. We’re much pickier about what we eat, since this meal: for example, breakfast is out for at least a few months.

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