What We Ate in Dubrovnik

Really, this post should just be called ‘An Ode to Konavoka’ – or, ‘what happens when you have no data service.’

  • Konavoka: Our host recommended this place, so we headed over one day for lunch. It was cute, with grape vines overhead, and tables inside and outdoors, including a couch and swinging chair options. That time, I had the seafood salad, and B had the cold platter of Dalmatian specialties. We split a crepe ‘Konavoka’ for dessert, which had vanilla and chocolate ice cream inside, some berries, and whipped cream with nuts. On this visit, we discovered that they had good wifi, and we were there for four hours total! The next day, we needed internet for a work call, so we returned. I had the ‘risotto with mussels,’ which was really dirty rice with mussels. The next time we returned was just for dessert… and to use their internet. B had a beer, and I had a creme caramel: interesting sweet cheese taste, but a bit overdone on the burnt top. And we returned yet again: B had a veggie omelette, and I had a tomato ‘salad’ (cut up tomato) and ‘french fries’ (fried potato rounds). Our final visit, B had the crepe again, and I had the creme brulee, which was exactly like the creme caramel. Everything we ate there was fresh and good: they just have some labeling challenges. And the staff was incredibly nice, despite our constant computer-ness.
  • Shizuku: We came here for sushi twice, and the fish was fresh. The sushi menu is very limited, and they seem to like to put cream cheese in a lot of the rolls, for indeterminate reasons. I liked the bass nigiri, because it came with some sort of cut up radish and some ‘fish jelly’ of some sort, making it more like a roll. The spicy salmon was not-so-spicy, but it had leeks. B liked their California roll and their chicken teriyaki roll (fried chicken with a light sauce, plus cream cheese and some veggies). I thought people were way too dressed up on one of the nights: it was like the place to go to impress. We would have enjoyed it more if the wifi hadn’t been so unreliable.

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