Where We Stayed in Seoul

Neighborhood: Insadong

Also called: N/A


  • This Insadongarea is very central to a number of fun things to do, from palaces and temples to markets and museums.
  • There are eons of food options.
  • It is possible to stay in an area of the neighborhood that is less touristy, so you pay less for housing and food, but are still near everything.
  • In that slightly off-center part of the neighborhood, you can see what real life is like for many Koreans.
  • The public transit line right in the center of the neighborhood (Jonno-3-(sam)-gam) is on multiple subway lines, making it easy to get around.
  • It is very clean… though that is true of most of Seoul.
  • It is safe… though that is true of most of Seoul.


  • If you want to stay near many expats and non-food-related nightlife (read: clubs), you should not stay here; go to Itaewon.

Should You Stay There?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if this is a short or long stay: this neighborhood is convenient for both.

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