Where We Stayed in Koh Phangan

Neighborhood: Thong Sala

Also Called: Town, Port


  • Thong SalaLots of different restaurants and shops are within easy walking distance. This also means that food tends to be more affordable, because there are many options.
  • It’s fairly equidistant from various parts of the island, from the parties on the east side to the beaches of the west¬†side, and the waterfalls and activities in the north.
  • It’s fairly quiet and residential, and you can see how local people live.


  • It’s not directly on the beach, so if you want to walk out of your room into the ocean, this is not the place for you.
  • The fancier and more isolated resorts are not here.

Should You Stay There?

We liked it a lot; if you’re exploring Thai culture and food, then yes! But if you’re coming to the Thai islands as a beach retreat, then no, don’t stay here.

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