Where We Stayed in Koh Phi Phi

Neighborhood: Tonsai Bay

Also Called: N/A

Pros:Tonsai Bay View

  • Lots of different restaurant, shops, and activity vendors are within easy walking distance. There are even a few local Thai stands, which is rare here. (None of them are any more affordable than anything else on the island though, so choice does not equal affordability here.)
  • You don’t have to take a boat or walk very far in the heat to get there. (My motion sickness said ‘thank you’ for that.)
  • There are some good views at the restaurants on the water here.


  • It’s fairly crowded in this part of the island. Areas like Long Beach are calmer and more isolated. (Though they also have limited food and activity options.)
  • Some of the beach space is taken up by parked boats, so there is limited area in which you can actually swim.

Should You Stay There?

If you’re here to enjoy the beach, then no: Long Beach is better.

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