Where We Stayed in Osaka

Neighborhood: Tennoji-ku (ward)

Also Called: N/A


Tojiji Temple

Tojiji Temple

  • It was within walking distance or a short subway ride to almost everything we wanted to see, from a distinctive Japanese puppet show to their Times Square-like area.
  • It felt safe, but that was true of everywhere we visited in Osaka, so not sure if that merits mentioning.
  • It was only one subway line (no switching) to both the train to the airport and the train to Kyoto.
  • It was quiet and residential, so we could see locals going about their business.
  • There were lots of temples and shrines in the area, if you’re into that.


  • It wasn’t directly in the heart of the action, which some might prefer.
  • There were dining options, from grocery stores to small restaurants, but they weren’t super plentiful.

Should You Stay There?

Yes: either here, or near the Namba station, if you prefer a more ‘happening’ place that’s also near public transit.

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