Memorable Moments in Sweden

We had fun in Sweden! There’s plenty to see in both Stockholm and Malmö, but here is what sticks out for us, looking back on our time there:

B’s ListStockholm Free Tour

  1. Walking around Langholmen, an island that’s a beach – minus the sand: it’s all rocks.
  2. Our city tour guide. From her explanation that Swedes think that Danes are speaking Swedish but with a potato in their throats, to her description of Swedish maternity leave policies, everything she said was interesting.
  3. Riding around Malmö on the bus, from one end to the other and just seeing the city.

N’s List

  1. The giant Vasa ship that sank before it ever made it out of the harbor. It was big.
  2. The fact that it was light almost all night, due to the long summer days. If we went to sleep at two in the morning, it was already (still?) light out.
  3. Folkets Park in Malmö, where we saw kids playing bubble soccer, climbing a giant colorful bouncy thing, and exploring lots of unusual installations – and cotton candy.

N’s Memorable Food: The lingonberries!

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