Where We Stayed in Tokyo

Neighborhood: (Nishi)Waseda and Takadanobaba

Also Called: N/A


Tokyo's Waseda Neighborhood

  • Because these are both university neighborhoods, there is plenty of affordable dining – from restaurants to grocery stores. At the 7/11 in this neighborhood, they’ll even heat your food for you, in case your place doesn’t have a microwave.
  • Because these are both university neighborhoods, places like cafes or karaoke bars stay open all night, so there’s always somewhere to go.
  • Because these are both university neighborhoods, they have housing that is more affordable than in other areas – especially via sites like AirBnB.
  • Both have parks where you can relax or play sports.
  • Neither area has many tourist attractions, so you can see how people really live here and avoid the tourist crowds.


  • Because these are both university neighborhoods, the neighbors skew to teens and people in their early 20s. Though they’re not loud, they may make you feel out-of-place.
  • Both areas are just on the Tozai metro line, which isn’t the most convenient subway line to be on. Getting to many attractions requires one or two transfers, which lengthens your potential commute.

Should You Stay There?

If cost/value is your priority, and you anticipate seeing sights on the west side of Tokyo, yes. If convenience is your priority, probably not.


Neighborhood: Nihonbashi

Also Called: Nihombashi

Fun fact: it’s kilometre zero for all of Japan!

Pros: Tokyo's Nihonbashi Neighborhood

  • There are plenty of places to eat any type of Japanese (or Western) cuisine!
  • Because this is not a touristy area, prices are more reasonable – for both food and for lodging.
  • That also means that you can see local life more easily.
  • It’s a quiet and safe neighborhood, though that’s true of much of Japan.
  • There are at least three different subway lines you have access to here (Hibiya, Asakusa, Hanzomon), which makes getting around easier.


  • It’s not directly in a sightseeing area, so if that’s your thing, look elsewhere.
  • It’s technically a business district, so you’ll see fewer random interesting things – other than the restaurants mentioned above.

Should You Stay There?

If you like places that are low-key, yes. If you want to be in the heart of the action, likely not.


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