What We Ate on Railay Beach

I struggled to write this because, like Susan, I found the food on Krabi’s Railay Beach to be watered-down tourist fare at inflated prices. I don’t have any real recommendations, other than to eat non-Thai food here.

  • Pranang Cuisine: We came here looking for free wifi, since the service at our hotel was weak. The wifi was good, though the listed password was wrong. The food was not as good, though nothing particularly bad. Perhaps the cooking school part was better? We didn’t try it.
  • Stand at start of Railay West end of Walking Street: The cheese and tomato roti (similar to a tortilla) I got here was pretty good. A little too much oil, but lots of melted cheese almost made up for that.
  • Kohinoor Indian Restaurant: My cousin’s friend had recommended coming here, so we went on our first night. If you’re wondering why anyone would eat Indian food on a Thai island, it’s because the ‘Thai’ food here is that bad/inauthentic. We ordered different chicken and lamb dishes, and all four of us liked our food here. Anywhere else, this would be a solid four-star restaurant, but in the food desert that is Railay, it approaches six stars.
  • Railay Viewpoint Resort: However it rates as a hotel, this place is bad for food. I ordered the standard Thai papaya salad (som tam), which I ate dozens of times on our trip. The person who made it here didn’t peel any of the garlic cloves, so I had garlic peels floating in the liquid of my salad. Not at all appetizing. Their breakfast buffet likewise didn’t impress, but at least it didn’t make me want to stop eating immediately.
  • Railay Beach DinnerWalking Street Seafood Restaurant: On the Railay East end of walking street are a few restaurants with grills out front. They will grill up whatever kind of fish or seafood you pick in whatever preparation you prefer. My cousin and her boyfriend had one type of fish (pictured here), and we tried another kind. The food is decent enough, if expensive for what it is.
  • Restaurant with Russians: We didn’t catch the name of this restaurant along Railay East, but I know it’s not attached to a hotel. I call it the Russian restaurant because in the two hours we were there, four Russian-speaking families happened to come through there! We even made friends with a couple in their 50s here. <link coming> The food itself was unremarkable: my som tam salad was small, and B’s pad thai was nothing special. They generally served people quickly, but they completely forgot B’s order, so we actually waited over an hour to get it, reminding them several times along the way! They did try to make up for it, though not sure that salvaged the experience for us.

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