What We Ate in Koh Phi Phi

We didn’t love this island or its food, unfortunately. Because its raison d’etre is tourism, the food is all overpriced and not too authentic – even more so than on Koh Phangan. The food quality was better than on Railay, I thought, but the prices were worse. Here’s where we ate:

  • Paradise Pearl Restaurant [Long Beach]: This was a nice location, right on the beach, with a breeze and our feet in the sand. (Watch out for sand mites! They bite.) We had some delicious and only mildly over-priced fruit shakes here: I even ordered two! My cousin L and her boyfriend E got this fried fish dish and a shrimp thing. B and I had curries, as usual. All of them were pretty decent; we didn’t return mostly because it wasn’t near where we were staying. Koh Phi Phi Fried Fish
  • Pirates House Restaurant [Tonsai Village]: I ate here because I couldn’t find anywhere else that had a non-American breakfast (eggs, toast, sausage). It was a twenty-five minute walk from our place, if that gives you any indication of how long that took. The curry I ordered here was not good. It tasted like it came from a container, and it was a very unnatural color. My shake was better and the staff was very nice, so I cut them some slack. But don’t order a curry.
  • Lemongrass Restaurant [Tonsai Village]: This was another accidental discovery, but it turned out much better. B was waiting at the pier with our bags, but I hadn’t had breakfast, so I ducked in here to hoover down some food before our departure. I pretty much inhaled the cooked vegetables and chicken I ordered, along with my mango shake. As other reviewers note, the staff was incredibly nice – and likely confused by my speed eating performance. Bonus: it wasn’t super overpriced. If this hadn’t been during my last ten minutes on the island, I definitely would have returned. Recommended!
  • Hippies Bar/Restaurant [Tonsai Village]: As I described elsewhere, this was more of an entertainment experience than a dinner. Our food was fine, but the fun was the guitar-playing, the location on the beach, and especially the fire dancing show – that B participated in! Though hokey, it was lots of fun. If not here, you should check out something like this on the island. Beachside Hippies Bar
  • View Restaurant [Tonsai Village]: I don’t know the name of this restaurant with a view, but it was nice. Expensive, mind you, but the breeze and view over the water was relaxing. I believe I ordered a tom sam salad, and I can’t recall what B had, though I believe it had pork in it. Here was the view from one side:Tonsai Bay View
  • Internet Restaurant [Tonsai Village]: We grabbed lunch at a restaurant with strong wifi in Tonsai, a bit closer to town than our view restaurant. All I remember is ordering too much food, including veggies for me. It wasn’t amazing, but the internet access was worth it.
  • Ice Cream Stand [Tonsai Village]: B got an ice cream from a guy who made it out of ingredients that he folded on a crepe-making platter. He folded in mix-ins, and it was fun to watch, though – to be honest – it didn’t look as amazing to taste. B liked it though!

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