What We Ate in Salerno

  • Dedicato a Mio Padre: We decided to try this place based on a rave Yelp review, and we were pretty happy with it. The service was good, and it seemed like a family-run Brioche Gelato Sandwichspot that had only Italians inside (though that was true for most of Salerno overall). They gave us free croquettes as an amuse-bouche. Then, I had a ‘tomato salad’ (a cut up tomato, in oil) and B had the mixed seafood grill. Included were tuna, swordfish, shrimp, and a shellfish that looked like an elongated scallop in a shell. I had a spaghettini with tuna and capers as my entree, which was – say it with me now – swimming in oil. Still nice to have fresh food: we even saw a boy bring a bag of recently-sourced shellfish straight from the market, which we had passed on our way there. A fish market at night, rather than at five in the morning, is definitely something I can get behind.
  • Bar Nettuno: On our host’s recommendation, we went to this port-area cafe, which served the (locally) famous brioche ice cream sandwich. They take a big sweet bun, cut it in half, and spread a thick layer of gelato inside. It was a bit too much bread for my taste, but B was a fan. Regular gelato is rich enough for my blood.

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