Where We Stayed in Singapore

Neighborhood: Haw Par Villa

Also Called: Queenstown, West Side

Pros: Singaporean House

  • It’s peaceful and quiet.
  • It’s quite safe, though that’s true of much of Singapore.
  • You can see how people actually live, rather than just the touristy spots.
  • It’s close to the Harbourfront (where Sentosa is) and a wholesale market for produce, along with several hawker centres.


  • It’s not near most other local attractions, like the downtown area, Orchard Road, the museums, etc. It’s also pretty far from the airport (relatively speaking).
  • Depending on where exactly in the neighborhood you are, you may be 15-20 minutes away from eateries.

Should You Stay There?

Not unless you’ll be in town for a while. We don’t regret staying here, but it was a bit of a trek to attractions and even to food.

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