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Dear F,

I’m glad you liked our blog! My wife, N, writes most of the blog posts, and she is happy that you enjoyed them!

Thai TaxiThe pink taxis really stood out to us, mainly because there were so many of them. We didn’t ride in any of them, but we did take a few rides in small taxis called tuk-tuks, which are basically little carts big enough for two people to sit side-by-side, pulled by a driver riding a motorbike. Bangkok has a lot of traffic, and tuk-tuks can get through it a little bit easier than taxis can.

We’ve learned a lot about different cultures and languages by visiting all of these countries. One Swedish tour guide told us that Swedes get along with Danes all right, but that they have a running joke about the differences in their languages: Swedes think that Danish people sound like they’re speaking with a potato in their throat! We didn’t really get the joke (Danes sounded fine to us), but it’s still neat to see how other cultures interact with each other.

The weird stuff is some of the most fun to share! In Copenhagen, a lady said “Tfu, tfu!” to me when I crossed a tiny street when the light was red, even though there were no cars coming! On the other hand, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, there are very few traffic lights—you have to cross the street while cars and motorbikes are driving all around you!

In Thailand, they play the national anthem on TV every evening at 6 PM, and before movies at the movie theater. In Singapore, you can get fined for chewing gum, but perhaps because of this, the city is very clean.

Bread and Wine in RomeIn Denmark and Sweden, beer is very expensive. In Poland, it is very cheap. In Italy, wine is cheaper than beer. In Japan, sake (a strong rice wine) is cheaper than beer.

We learned about many weird little things like these on our travels, and it’s one the things that we love about this trip.

I hope that you get a chance to travel to different countries too! Until then, you can keep reading about many different countries all over the Internet, and maybe it will help you decide where you want to go!


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