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Hi C!

Thank you! In every place we have visited, there has been something that we liked. We have learned a lot about how to live in many different cultures, partly by doing a lot of research on each of the places we visit.

Working from the RoadI am a computer programmer. I started studying Computer Science in college after I turned 20, and I really like to do it. I like to build things, and to me, writing a program is like building something out of ideas and typing.

One of the nicest things about programming is that it’s in high demand right now! Computer programmers are needed all over the world, and they are usually paid relatively well. And sometimes, you can even find a job that will let you work from anywhere, like I have this year!

My wife, N, works in marketing. It’s another job that can be done remotely (which means working while not in the office). In her words:

Marketing is about finding people who could use what a company has, and telling them about it. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Peru, you will want information about what you should see and do there, and different attractions and restaurants in Peru will want you to be a customer.

If I can tell you about these businesses right when you’re planning your trip, you can choose the right ones for your visit. That makes your trip better and helps the company owners stay in business: everyone wins.

That’s the idea behind marketing. And you can do that by making ads or getting a newspaper to write about you or running a contest or hundreds of other ways.

Fishmonger FoodWe decided to take this trip because there are so many places that we haven’t seen yet! Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about how people live in different ways than we do, we’ve seen some beautiful sights, and we’ve eaten many different delicious foods.

I hope that someday you will have the chance to travel the world, too!


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