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Steps near Kampot, Cambodia

Steps near Kampot, Cambodia

We’re so glad that you like our blog! The main reason that N (my wife) writes so many blog posts is to share what we learn during our travels, so we’re very happy that you learned about the cultures of the places that we visited!

I would have never guessed it before this trip, but the country that I liked the most was Cambodia! Here’s why:

  • Weather: We were there in December and January, when it has perfect weather. For two months, it was always 25-35°C and sunny, and it only rained once!
  • Cost: A simple meal at a restaurant was about $1200-1800 CLP, and a very nice one was $3000-6000. Living here made us feel rich!
  • Scenery: Cambodia has a jungle landscape that is unlike anywhere else we have ever visited.
  • Recreation: We did lots of fun things in Cambodia, like exploring caves, rock climbing, paddle-boarding, and riding jet skis.
  • Relaxation: The people of Cambodia are very easygoing, and it’s easy to relax there. A couple weeks on the beach and another week at a yoga retreat probably helped, too!
  • Angkor Wat

    Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Culture: Cambodia is the first Buddhist country that we visited, and it has many unique, beautiful temples.
  • People: Most of all, we loved the Cambodian people. Many of them were happy to help us out. And it was always pleasant to hear the children in the countryside cry out, “Hello!” as we rode past on our motorbikes, waving back to them.

It’s hard to give a good sense of Cambodia in a list like this one, but hopefully it gives you an idea of why we liked it. If you’re curious to learn more, N wrote a great post with a bunch of short stories that we experienced while in Cambodia for two months.

Thanks for reading, and for wishing us the best! We really appreciate it.

Best wishes,

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