Memorable Moments in London

We really enjoyed London, though the standard tourist to-do list had very little to do with that. Here are the things that made the biggest impressions on us:

Mind the GapB’s List

  • The subway system, and how frequently trains (and buses) came. It changes how you live your life in a city.
  • Going to a party at a friend’s cousin’s house, and getting to know people.
  • The fact that bars close at 10 pm! Some places stay open, but they must be zoned as restaurants or something else.

N’s ListLondon Sculpture

  • Getting to spend time with my sister. Not a ‘must-do’ for others though, especially since she’s no longer there.
  • The Brick Lane/Shoreditch Market, which was a mix of people, foods, and crafts. Because this is actually a couple markets in one, there seemed to be an endless array of things to look at and eat. Though, I have to be honest and say it was much more fun when I went alone than with others.
  • Just walking around the city and seeing whatever I happened on. This is not unlike my experience of NYC.

N’s Memorable Food:¬†Zephyr from the Russian grocery store. Not exactly British…


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