Where We Stayed in Phnom Penh

Neighborhood: Boeung Keng Kang 1 (BKK1)

Also called: N/A

Pros: Phnom Penh Dreamland

  • Not as many guesthouses, which means that you can see how people actually live and the level of pestering (for things other than tuk tuks) is lower.
  • The food is more authentic, especially from the local market (which you won’t find in any guidebook or site).
  • It’s not close to the Russian Market area, but it’s certainly closer than where all the other guesthouses are. (We walked without a problem, but it’s a 45+ minute endeavor, so be prepared.)
  • There are local (Wat Bottom Park) and expat (Meta House, Dreamland Park) activities in the neighborhood.


  • If you require Western food, you can find it here, but it’s not the most prominent food group. Stay in the Palace or Quay neighborhoods for that.

Should You Stay There?

Yes, unless you like the tourist experience or the nightlife. Then, stay in the Palace or Quay neighborhoods.

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