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The best place of all? That’s a very good question, a hard one to answer! In fact, your question led to an entire blog post! To sum it up, based only on this trip, we think that some of the best cities are Copenhagen, Denmark; Maiori, Italy; Seoul, South Korea; Kampot, Cambodia; Singapore (the whole country is one city!); Osaka, Japan; and London, England.

It’s really hard to narrow that down to just one, but if we had to live in one of those places, it would be London. It’s a large, diverse, beautiful city with much to discover. There are many different restaurants with food from all over the world. Many of its museums are free, and it has a wide variety of interesting art. Best of all, some of our best friends live there!

Your second question might be even better than your first one! I’m glad that you gave us more information to let us know the most important factors to you. Food, fun, and relaxation are some of our most important criteria, too!

Is your summer vacation from December to February? If so, then Sihanoukville, Cambodia is a great place to go! That’s the best time of year in Cambodia, between its rainy season and its hot season. The temperature is always 25-35Ā°C and it’s almost always sunny.

Otres 1 Beach

SihanoukvilleĀ has lots of beaches on the Thailand Sea, so you can spend as much time relaxing as you want. There’s also scuba diving, snorkeling, ATV and motorbike rentals, island tours, watersports, and many other activities to choose from.

We stayed at Otres Beach. There are little places to stay all along the beach, with dorm rooms for under $10 USD per night. All of them serve a variety of food from all over the world, including everything from local Khmer dishes (Cambodian food, similar to Thai and Vietnamese) to pizza and sushi! Some of them stay open late at night with beach parties, too.

We blogged about all the things we did in Sihanoukville. On Saturday night, there’s a big event called the Saturday Otres Market, where people chill, listen to live music, eat from food stands, buy hand-crafted goods, and have a few drinks. Maybe you would enjoy it!


P.S. Have you considered journalism? Those were very good questions!

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