What We Ate in Siem Reap

  • Topsky HostelWe didn’t stay here, but we did eat breakfast here, in the partially-open air restaurant. B had yogurt with muesli and fruit, as well as two eggs – Breakfast at Oral d'Angkorgearing up for a long day of sightseeing. I had the Khmer fried noodles with beef, though I gave much of the beef and the egg on top to B. Pretty tasty, and my shake was solid too. There was a cute little girl running around the place, in underwear with a funny phrase on them; she was my favorite.
  • Oral d’Angkor GuesthouseWe did stay here, and we liked the very kind owner. My yogurt and B’s eggs were fine. The only weird thing was that my yogurt came with about six pieces of very-lightly-toasted Wonder bread. They seem to like their bread here – or think that foreigners do?Salad at Mutita
  • Mutita RestaurantThis place is in the (in)famous Night Market, and therefore overpriced. However, the food was pretty good. B got a papaya salad, and I had a Khmer red curry; both were good.
  • Hariharalaya RetreatMost of our meals in the Siem Reap area were at this retreat. Everything was vegan and cooked fresh for us, and it was overwhelmingly delicious. Highly recommended, though you have to be willing to do the yoga and meditation retreat part. A few sample meals:
    • Breakfast
      • A rice porridge resembling kasha, with toppings like bananas, palm sugar syrup, coconut flakes, peanuts, etc.
      • Rice flakes that resemble Cocoa Krispies cereal – sans chocolate, again with the above toppings and with coconut ‘milk’
      • Sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and garlic bread toast
      • Various shakes, from carrot to peanut butter
    • Lunch/Dinner:
      • Indian daal, rice, pickled papaya salad
      • Khmer amok curry, garden salad
      • Another Khmer (non-amok) curry, garden salad
      • Khmer rice soup, garden salad
      • Rice, many sauces, taro or sweet potato fries, garden salad
      • Pumpkin soup, salad
      • Sticky rice and fried banana (jake jien) desserts on New Year’s Eve

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