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Hey A!

I’m glad you enjoyed our blog! We really like to try new foods and learn about new cultures, and they’re fun to write about too. Where have you been on your travels?

The strangest thing I saw was in Cambodia: a guy was carrying a small pig on his motorbike! Two other guys were riding a motorbike together while holding a giant piece of glass! (That didn’t seem very safe!) Cambodians use motorbikes for everything.

My wife (N, who writes most of the blog posts) also reminded me that we’ve seen some very strange signs on our trip, and she just added a new blog post about them! Here are some of them:

Singapore Crime AlertOld Hot Dog SignTurin Street SignToilet Sign in VeniceKoh Phi Phi Sign

The weirdest food I ate was also in Cambodia, where I had chicken feet for the first time! They tasted a lot like chicken wings… surprisingly good! N ate a silkworm in Krabi, Thailand, but she didn’t like it at all.

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